An Experiment For Your Benefit

Welcome to our new website. Not that we had an old one… See, we never had one, ever, in all our years. But the times, they change. The son, Matt, who was a web developer prior to coming under the wing of Hayes Heating & Cooling knew that a website was in order.  He knew people researched online more than ever.

He knew this six years ago. Just never had enough time to really put it all together. Matt took a liking to WordPress after researching numerous content-managed systems.

So, here it is. A heavily modified template containing our information. It is not complete nor is it perfect. The photos are not pristine. But Hayes Heating & Cooling is out there on the E-Scape Interwebs.

To kick off our grand experiment in tailoring our digital presence we are offering a coupon to see exactly who’s looking back in. Just mention it to us on the phone or in person before it expires. We want to know who is checking us out.

Thanks for the quick read and we hope you check back around to see us grow online. Keep it simple, they say.

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